Candy set “Christmas tree”

    Outstanding present in the form of a Christmas-tree toy will become a great courtesy for the New Year and will create the holiday spirit. If you make a hole in the handle you can hang this...


    Candy set “Prank”

    Shortly before the New Year one of the best symbols of the holiday is a clock on the tower showing approach of 12 o'clock. Present in the form of a clock tower of a magic town with playful...


    Candy set packed in the form of a backpack “KONTI”

    Have a look at a magician's bag: colourful design will show you a fairyland unlike any other; inside you will find half a kilogramm of the best sweets.


    Dessert biscuit «Bonjour mini» original

    8 pieces of tender biscuit mini-muffins, made according to the classic recipe with the addition of chocolate drops.


    Coconut dessert «Bonjour mini» coconut

    Unique dessert based on coconut flour and chips, which is unparalleled in the domestic market.


    Assortment of sweets "Sandy"

    Two joyful monkeys - symbols of the coming New Year - will not only become a sign of attention for the friends or relatives, but will also bring luck in the new year. This gift will please both...

Quality Control

KONTI Group respects the customers' legal right to the food product safety and adheres to the position that any information related to human health and safety must be open, accessible and extremely clear.

This is a basis for any civilized society.


KONTI Group conducts an active investment policy, due to which it is one of the leaders of the confectionery market, is dynamically developing and has the opportunity to introduce innovative technologies in all areas of activity, in production, logistics, IT, etc.

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