Sweets “ Giga”

    Glazed sweets with irresistible taste of rum. Based on milk fondant mass with addition of condensed milk, apple puree and cocoa mass.


    Sweets “ Giga” with taste of banana

    Glazed sweets with delicate banana taste.  Based on toffee mass with addition of condensed milk and apple puree.


    Candy "Elays"

    Glazed double layer of soft toffee candy mass covered with creamy mass with the addition of crushed roasted peanuts.


    Candy "Ronnie" souffle

    Glazed sweet in the shape of a cow with a gentle souffle mass with the addition of condensed milk.


    Candy "Timi" condensed milk

    Glazed sweets in the form of funny bear soft souffle mass rolls.
    Contain 24% of condensed milk


    Candy "Apple Honey"

    Glazed candies with a rich flavor of ripe honey apple.


    Cookies "Mordashka"

    Delicate sugar cookies with vanilla flavor and adding cereal, made ​​in the form of cheerful mordashek.

    In the box is a mix of two funny mordashek - girl and boy.


    Cookies "Lyubymka"

    Tender sugar cookies with milk-strawberry flavor with a modern, attractive design

Quality Control

KONTI Group respects the customers' legal right to the food product safety and adheres to the position that any information related to human health and safety must be open, accessible and extremely clear.

This is a basis for any civilized society.


KONTI Group conducts an active investment policy, due to which it is one of the leaders of the confectionery market, is dynamically developing and has the opportunity to introduce innovative technologies in all areas of activity, in production, logistics, IT, etc.

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